Just for Fun

Match the quotation with the person who said it.

“I just got the answer by staring at the data for a long time.”

“One doesn't change that much, really.”

“There is no Book whatsoever, be it never so bad or decried,
but may in time be sought for by some person or other.”

“It is difficult to see why a soul should come to rest in a human body, when from both
intellectual and moral viewpoints a computer would be preferable.”

“Some problems are hard because they're just terribly complicated, and some problems
are hard just because it's not in the nature of the thing that it can be done at all.”

“Have you ever heard a blindfolded octopus unwrap a cellophane-covered bathtub?”

“... and are no longer illuminated.”

“A collector of forged McCoys”

“When somebody rings your bell at 6 A.M. and it is the milkman, you are in a democracy.”

“Things are about average. Not as good as yesterday, better than tomorrow.”

“He phoned me to complain bitterly that Fahrenheit 451 was not the temperature
at which book paper burned.”

“All models are wrong, but some are useful.”

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

“That truss: I wouldn't stand on it...Purely for linear algebra reasons, of course.”

“C'est le provisoire qui dure.”

“This sometimes happens in math. Make a mistake? Slightly change the problem.”

“I myself prefer to live amongst abstractions that have nothing to do with reality.”

“Sometimes I don't think of aardvarks.”

“It is very difficult to make good mistakes.”

“People reach the top of the ladder because they have none of the talents
that might have detained them on the rungs.”



Gilbert Strang

Chris Tisdell

Marvin Minsky

Harry Secombe

Douglas Adams

Gerald Allen Cohen

Gabriel Naude

Norman Juster

Ben Moore

Gustave Oudet

Maurits Cornelis Escher

Yoshisuke Ueda

Winston Churchill

Peter Ustinov

Paula Rego

Hannes Alfven as Olaf Johanesson

Goro Shimura

Michael Moorcock of JG Ballard

George Box and Norman Draper

Claude Bourdet